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Surname Jacquart - Meaning and Origin

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Jacquart: What does the surname Jacquart mean?

The last name Jacquart is of French origin, although it is less common in today's France. It's likely derived from Jacques, which is the French equivalent of James, with the suffix 'art' meaning 'son of'. Therefore, Jacquart could mean 'son of Jacques' similar to how Johnson in English means 'son of John'. It could also have come from regional dialects where 'Jacquart' was used as a nickname for someone who wore a jacquard, a type of woven fabric popular in medieval times. Like many surnames, it's difficult to trace its exact origins as it could have been influenced by different regions and changes in language over time. Its use today is generally as a surname but can also be found in businesses and locations, most notably in the Champagne house Jacquart located in Reims, France.

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Jacquart: Where does the name Jacquart come from?

The last name Jacquart has French origins. It is considered a variant of the name "Jacquard" which was derived from the personal name Jacques, the French equivalent of James or Jacob. The suffix "-art" in this context probabilly means "of the lineage of". Traditionally, it was a name given to a weaver, as an 'Jacquard loom' is a type of loom invented by a Frenchman named Joseph Marie Charles Jacquard.

The Jacquart surname, although originally from France, has spread across the globe through migration. Despite this, it is not a common last name, and its presence is scattered. It still remains most common in France, particularly in the Northern and Eastern regions. Outside France, it may be found in nearby European countries, the United States, and Canada due to the historical French influence and migration in these locations. Despite its rarity, members of the Jacquart family have gone on to accomplish significant feats globally.

Variations of the surname Jacquart

The surname Jacquart has its roots in French culture, with variations and spelling variants that have stemmed from the original surname over time due to different regional pronunciation and personal preferences.

Variant spellings for Jacquart include Jacquard, Jacquarts, Jacquert, Jakeart, Jacqart, and Jacques. Some of these variants have occurred due to phonetic translations when the surname moved to different linguistic regions.

It is also possible that some people with the Jacquart surname may possess versions that have been anglicized, such as Jacart or Jackart. The surname Jacques, although not a direct variant, could potentially have a connection to Jacquart as both names stem from the French word for "James."

The surname Jacquart is formed by adding the suffix "-art" to the personal name Jacques, similar to other French surnames like Bernard (Bern + ard). Therefore, other surnames which also follow this formation could be considered as surnames of the same origin. These might include names like Duquart or Everard.

In conclusion, while their usage and recognition may vary, all of these names contain the essential sounds and cultural heritage that connect them back to the original surname, Jacquart.

Famous people with the name Jacquart

  • Jean-Jacques Jacquart: French film, television and theatre actor
  • Mario Jacquart: French actor and singer
  • Pierre Jacquart: French geologist
  • Alain Jacquart: French former professional footballer
  • Coralie Jacquart: French politician
  • Fabrice Jacquart: French former football midfielder
  • Hervé Jacquart: French director and writer
  • Jean-Michel Jacquart: French professional football player
  • Ludivine Jacquart: French singer and songwriter
  • Nicolas Jacquart: French professional rugby player
  • Paul-Gustave Jacquart: French actor in stage and cinema
  • Philippe Jacquart: French-Italian composer and producer
  • Alice Jacquart: American-French interdisciplinary theatre director
  • Élie Jacquart: German-French theologian and professor
  • Nathalie Jacquart: French model and media personality

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